LRRP Before Mission


Great color photo of a LRRP team getting ready to start a patrol. The M67 nylon magazine pouch on his hip dates this as probably late 60s at least. The can behind his neck tapped to his webgear holds a blood expanding serum. The trooper in background wears ERDL while doing a radio check. You can also make out the ranger scroll on his arm. By this time of the war all of the LRRP companies had been re-designated as Rangers.


  1. I really enjoy these old views of Vietnam-era operations and gear, and especially the reminiscences of the SOG 1-0’s. Keep ’em coming.

    I also really liked the tropical ERDL uniform with the slant pockets, great jungle uniform, great camouflage. The lightweight Woodland BDU was good in the jungle as well.


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