Hate Mail (Part 4 )


Remember the post from a few days ago about the magpul China Doll lower selling for 8K? Well the buyer some how found us and without knowing anything about us and this site decided to leave us a message .

At my age, I still can’t figure out why people are so negative. I purchased this item because I can easily afford it and have plenty of machine guns already. Yes, it was on my bucket list and now have two of them (plus a couple A series) as I wanted something different. And no, I don’t have Covid-19. If you think this lower is pricey, you should probably stay away from the ATF world and HK’s……wouldn’t want you to have a heart attack when you saw the price of a collector piece vs a shooter. With that being said, most of my HK hosts (shooters for DLO pack) and 416D’s are about 8k and up. Lastly, they are very few C series Magpul’s and were never made available to the public…so a few bucks was worth it to have something so rare and unique. -Love, Eric

My original comments still stand.


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