Covid 19 Update 3/16/2020


With the constant main stream media yapping about this non-stop I am starting to feel like I should stop doing this. I know people are getting tired of hearing about. I been thinking just doing this on Fridays once a week. Honestly, comment if you want me to continue or cut back. All you are getting from me is a quick summary of daily events anyway.

  • Australia prepares 2nd stimulus package
  • Canada closes borders to foreign travelers. turns out borders are a real thing and Castro’s son doesn’t live his beliefs
  • New York State closes schools for 2 weeks
  • Dutch PM says experts believe ‘most’ citizens will catch virus. boosts morale in his country 100 percent
  • House leaders postpone return to Washington ‘indefinitely’ that’s a shame.
  • US airports seek $10B in gov’t assistance, per CNN. tax payer bailouts
  • MLB opening day ‘indefinitely delayed’ the real tragedy, no sportsball!!!!
  • New Jersey reports 80% jump in cases
  • Italy reports another 3,233 cases, 349 deaths mama mia!
  • France orders people to stay home for 15 days
  • CDC says employee has tested positive. TOP. MEN.
  • EU finance ministers announce ‘coordinated fiscal response’ worth 1% of GDPthe only thing that matter huh?
  • White House releases new ‘national guidelines’ to stop virus pointless ritual designed to make people feel safer
  • San Francisco earmarks $10M for those who miss work due to outbreak more tax payer bail out
  • SF mayor orders residents to shelter in place beginning at midnight. who will shit on the street though?
  • 6 Bay Area counties to issue ‘shelter in place’ order
  • Actor Idris Elba tests positive, no one cares
  • G-7 releases communique about ‘coordinated’ virus response
  • Trump tells governors to try and get their own respirators if possible in attempt not to bog down the federal system and delay
  • Washington State shuts down bars, restaurants for 2 weeks , how will portland commies get their starbucks?
  • McDonald’s closes dining areas at company owned restaurants, asks franchisees to do the same
  • First cases confirmed in Tanzania, Somalia
  • Ohio requests to delay primary until June 2
  • Russia ‘limits’ entry of foreigners
  • UK reports 18 new deaths, asks citizens to avoid all non-essential contact and travel, but avoids public closures. smart
  • Chile tightens borders, bans foreigners from entry
  • Kudlow teases helicopter money; Romney pushes plan to hand every US adult $1,000. Romney gone full socialist
  • Cuomo warns US might not succeed in flattening the curve enough, he says as he runs for 2020 VP pick
  • Lombardy reports smallest jump in new cases since beginning of outbreak
  • Greenland reports first case
  • Google’s virus website booked up on first day of operation
  • Moscow bans all events with more than 50 people
  • Top Iranian cleric dies. world mourns
  • Germany closes restaurants, bars, gyms and nightclubs until further notice.
  • EU Commission bars “non-EU citizens” from entering the area, but refuses to cave on internal controls. The irony
  • NY, NJ, Conn bar large gatherings
  • Israel mulls national lockdown


  1. I like the every other day updates. I am seeing stuff on your updates that are not in the media stuff that I manage to see. However, if you are tired of doing it, I can understand that too.

    • its not that Im tired of doing it, I just dont want to burn out the readers. its easy to do and its click bait that gets visits, I could do it every day till i die of me so horny flu and enjoy the traffic if I didnt care how much it bored the regular readers.

  2. I enjoy these – the media yapping has such a low signal/noise ratio that I can’t be bothered with it.

    However if you’re getting sick of it I understand – I don’t envy trawling through places to collect all this stuff.

    • “I enjoy these – the media yapping has such a low signal/noise ratio that I can’t be bothered with it.”

      This. It seems like most of the media is trying to get caught up on things that they just aren’t saying anything interesting.

      “You guys!!! People are catching WuFlu!!!” Welcome to January, cupcake. Can you please tell me if the CDC has gotten off of its own necktie yet?

    • no I’m not getting sick of it, I just dont want you guys getting tired of seeing it. I will probably stick to monday Wednesday and friday unless something notable justifies an extra day update

  3. Still getting most of my info here, I’m in for however often you want to update.

    US cases and those abroad will continue to rise as the available test kit number rises, lots of folks will get it and never even know. Normal late winter flu is still out there and those of us that are reasonably healthy will have to deal with that or pollen or mold spores or some such shit until summer.

  4. Keep it coming if you’re up for it man. I’m interested.

    And as for the Iranians…it looks like killing that Sulumeni asshat might have been a waste of good HE. Could’ve waited a few weeks to let him drown in his own mucus.

  5. Thanks so much for the tip on the “Top Iranian cleric” dying. I almost missed my chance to mourn along with everybody else.
    A true life saver.

  6. Please continue these updates if you’re not burning out on it.
    This is one of the few places I read to get facts with a little bit of context (sure as hell don’t get that with the MSM)

  7. I wish there was no NEED for updates,unfortunately there is and thus appreciated.

    When /if net/cell ect. go down then time for defcon 2,whatever the hell that means!

  8. One clue that Kung Flu is a lot more widespread than we know is how many celebrities are testing positive.

    First of all, it’s a safe assumption that the beautiful people are getting tests a little easier than tax cattle like us. But even with that wider testing, are we finding that Kung Flu is very narrowly distributed among specific risky populations? No. We are finding that basketball players, actors and prime ministers’ wives are testing positive in droves.

    I suspect that if we could accurately test 100% of the population today, that we would be downright shocked at how widespread this thing is right now.

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