1. Would someone please explain the significance of the run on toilet paper? I don’t pay any attention to “The News” but vague references started popping up even in my small little world and I don’t get it. It’s the Kung Flu not the Yangtzee Shits…

    • for some reason the idiots are buying toilet paper at stories like the FUDDS bought .22long rifle ammo during the obama years. Why TP? I have no damn clue.

  2. Tp and Paper towels were pretty well sold out at my local Safeway ( No tp, 2 6 packs of towels left), bottled water was almost gone as well.
    No standard Clorox left, only bottles with the new lavender scent.
    However there was plenty of Safeway brand bleach, which is made in the same factories but costs $1 less.

  3. Toilet paper was actually one of the first products no longer available in Venezuela when socialism came to a failure stop a few years back,since then always kept plenty.I will say a few comforts/conveniences like having TP nice in trying times.I look at it as a mental/hygenic comfort food!I will say also beats the hell out of using leaves ect. though have done that when necc.!

    • Yeah, My Lovely Wife is from Venezuela and is now giving me no end of shit for all the times I told her “…and there’s no toilet paper in Caracas” whenever she bitched about any first-world problems.

  4. Guys, let us not have fought Haji for the last 20 years to have learned nothing from him. As long as one has a good supply of running water, TP is pure luxury.


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