Unertl Info Database


There has been a lot of interests about Unertl lately. A lot of places keep asking for links to the articles I have done over the years. So I am putting it all together here to make it easy to you to find the technical info I have shared over the years. The post also has some links to related externally adjustable optics like Fecker scopes etc.

Instructions on the scope and it’s adjustments.

Links to articles.



  1. Thanks very muchly for this. Righteous stuff, very righteous stuff.

    The comments by the last John Unertl his-own-self were poignant.

    • Im going to tell you something that is going to make you sad. About a year after I posted that, I got an email from a Unerlt employee who worked there and worked there when the last John was working there, He was very Angry at him and refuted a lot of what he said about his Dad and the business and how it ended, I emailed him back asking him permission to publish his email but he never emailed me back. to make it worse, when my lap top broke I lost the email and now i cant even post a redacted version of it,


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