Good Deal on Magpul China Doll Lower


Remember these? When Magpul gave out and sold a few of these AR lowers and for some reason people went nuts over them?

The Cult of Magpul at that time was pretty nuts. I had thought most of that had faded away but apparently not Some first class retardate paid $8,000 for this one. Guess it was on his bucket list and he though he was gonna die from Covid-19 or something.

You are getting close to machine gun money right there. “More money than something something..”


  1. At my age, I still can’t figure out why people are so negative. I purchased this item because I can easily afford it and have plenty of machine guns already. Yes, it was on my bucket list and now have two of them (plus a couple A series) as I wanted something different. And no, I don’t have Covid-19. If you think this lower is pricey, you should probably stay away from the ATF world and HK’s……wouldn’t want you to have a heart attack when you saw the price of a collector piece vs a shooter. With that being said, most of my HK hosts (shooters for DLO pack) and 416D’s are about 8k and up. Lastly, they are very few C series Magpul’s and were never made available to the public…so a few bucks was worth it to have something so rare and unique.

  2. I’m not hurt at all and sorry you can’t afford certain things. I don’t visit the site much, but from what I see, I’m not impressed. Maybe you should do some time in Iraq and Afghanistan like I did and you’d probably see things a little different. But, you’d have to leave your parents basement.

      • You guys are funny, but I’ll entertain this one last time. You obviously had interest in a China Doll or you wouldn’t have been looking at the auction…..and probably didn’t buy now because your account wouldn’t support it. However, you should send your comments via reply instead of hiding them on your forum. As far as validity….For Iraq, I spent one tour in the VBC AOR (prosperity/Loalty)(SADR City), one tour in the Tallil/Adder AOR (Hunter/Garryowen), and one tour in Balad AOR (Anaconda). Then, spent part o a tour in Bagram, Afghanistan. Since you have my email, please reach out and I’ll be glad to give you my number if you should deny anything said on my part. And, for the peanut gallery, I’m almost 50….far from my parents basement.

        • no eric, i was not looking for a china doll lower, it was shared on general discussion on ARFCOM where people had a laugh at the buyer’s expense, I saw it and shared it here so our readers could have a good laugh. no one gives a fuck about your military stint in relation to your opinion on guns. writers here and readers have served in the military, including the co-owner of the website who was wounded in action some of the “peanut gallery” are older and with longer more serious military and post military careers. If you had actually spent time on this site instead of trying to divk wave, you would have seen multiple NFA owned firearms including HK 21s and M60 machine guns, PVS14s, PAS13s suppressors and all manner of firearms . But you didn’t you just reacted like a child

          • I see that you didn’t want to email or call to discuss. I can care less if they laugh. My point was 8k for a lower is that bad when you start collectables such as a M16 lower for 25-30k.

          • I not going to call or email you and discuss because i don’t give a shit what you have to say after your original opening comment. you started off like an asshole and continued to act like an asshole. Therefore I will treat you like the asshole you have presented yourself to be.

        • BTW everyone is responding to you via reply. there is no forum on this site, you are using the comments section, open to anyone to read, and I have been posting your comments on to the site directly for everyone to see even if they don’t bother to read the comments under this post.

          • I apologize as I thought you had an original post (That I just stumbled across) and not drinking cool aid from another site. Your the asshole who started insulting a complete stranger for how they spend their money. In reality, who cares….they worked for it. Then, you continued to call me a liar when I was trying to make the point that life’s short, do what you want….and you insulted my military career. Then you hide behind a keyboard and insult me more by adding comments on your post that aren’t in the reply’s…..and you call me childish. I would’ve respected you more if you just said wow thats pricey, but not for me. Being a gun guy, I’ve seen people pay 25-30k for M16 lowers and realize that its a supply and demand game…..I just remember when they were only 5k. Some people would think that 30k crazy when you can get an AR lower for $300……but maybe thise guys just don’t appreciate the history of an item or the fact they are more rare.


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