FM 90-10 Military Operations On Urban Terrain (MOUT)


Read the FM free in PDF form at link below.


  1. This is the edition of the manual that came out before the “MOUT Revolution” of the 1990s. There are a lot of valuable tips and techniques in there, but it’s also not up to date at all in terms of breaching and explosives doctrine–Most of which I believe remains classified.

    MOUT is one of those things I’m kinda cynical about–I don’t think we’ve done anywhere near enough work in this area, and the Army has not bothered to equip or train for it to any real extent. I honestly believe that they need to integrate the knowledge base that exists for urban rescue and urban warfare, combine them, and train up Engineer units to do both roles effectively. Things like demolition robots, up-armored skidsteers with the full range of attachments, and all the rest of what’s state of the art in demolition and damage assessment need to be purchased, trained with, and integrated into tactics.

    Here’s pro-tip: If you know how to keep something from happening, like, oh… Say “Industrial accidents”, as a general thing, then you’re well on your way to understanding how to cause them. If you’re an imaginative little Combat Engineer, access to an industrial safety handbook and a set of international standards manuals will enable you to leverage what few military demolitions may or may not be available to you in an austere theater. Hell, even in a well-developed one…

    Just remember, boys and girls–Combat engineering is basically large-scale vandalism and the wholesale destruction of public property. Another pro-tip: In the event of a general European war in which the United States Army plays a role, invest heavily in concrete and other industries necessary for reconstruction. They’ll need it.


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