PSA Debuts New AK Magazines


PSA just announced they are making and selling some AK mags

Coming soon are AK-103 & Bulgarian Circle 10 style mags from Palmetto State Armory. Our target price on these is $19.99. Target time-frame for release is Q2.

They stay true to the original design with steel reinforced front tab, feed lips and locking lug.


    • Rocketguy, the Magpul’s are garbage. No metal reinforcement so they crack when dropped. Even Magpul’s improved version sucks. See MAC’s review on them.

  1. These look promising,I will say have the XTECH AK mags and they are tough little buggers,cost me about 25 apiece but swear you could drive a tank over them(no,I don’t have a tank,yet)and thus the best mag for the AK in my opinion.

    Rocket,does the Magpuls now have steel lined feed lips?The older ones didn’t but know those folks always improving product.

    I will say say that PSA has consistently had the best prices on aluminum/polymer mags for the AR’s,about 9 bucks a piece delivered when you buy 10 or more.

  2. Nah – the Magpuls are all poly. Didn’t make that connection. I don’t have enough experience with AKs to say whether that’s a big deal but can see asking for a few more bucks for the feature.

    Honestly, when I had an AK, I bought a dozen beat-up mil surplus mags and did a little file-to-fit and they were golden.

  3. I believe the Bakelite/poly mags had a issue in real cold temps. i.e. cracking without steel reinforcement which if one is trying to operate in those temps. one of the last thing you need is cracking ect.(those temps. probably already killed me).Seems these ones have good reinforcement,time will tell.Dig that old AK out of the dirt/hose it down/lube with motor oil and you will have a good barnyard gun.

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