Covid-19 Updates 3/3/2020


I’m going to wind this down after today. Now that the US media is now in full panic mode, you probably prefer getting news from them. I may do a weekly round up or something if it strikes my interests but likely no more daily updates unless something drastic changes or you comment that you want me to continue.

  • US virus death toll hits 9
  • 2nd case confirmed in NY
  • Oregon officials warn up to 500 cases may be in state already
  • US now screening everyone aboard flights from SK and Italy
  • Spain reports 1st death
  • 1st case confirmed in North Carolina
  • Westchester Temple closes
  • Italy mulls cancelling all sporting events for a month
  • 2nd NY case commuted to Manhattan, traveled to Miami
  • Chile, Argentina report first cases
  • Germany reports 46 new cases
  • 2nd case confirmed in New Hampshire
  • Santa Clara confirms 11th case
  • 1st case reported in Berkeley
  • Third case possibly identified in Fla.
  • Stocks surge, then fade, after surprise 50 bp rate cut
  • 4th person dies in France
  • Fauci says we should know soon whether Gilead’s vaccine will work
  • Son of Westchester corona case attended NYC school that closed
  • Pope tests negative for coronavirus
  • NYC high school closes over ‘suspected case of coronavirus’
  • Global case total passes 91,000
  • UK case total hits 51
  • US case total tops 100 across 15 states (including evacuees)
  • South Korea case total passes 5,000; death toll hits 34
  • Italian death toll surpasses Iran
  • Iran confirmed cases pass 2,000, 70+ dead
  • Head of European football says Euro 2020 will go on
  • 9 new cases confirmed in Japan

The total number of cases in Europe’s worst-hit country climbed to 2,502 from 2,036 on Monday.

First cases of coronavirus in last 48 hours:

– Chile
– Argentina
– Liechtenstein
– Ukraine
– Gibraltar
– Morocco
– Senegal
– Tunisia
– Latvia
– Jordan
– Andorra
– Portugal
– Indonesia
– Saudi Arabia


  1. I always read your updates. It will be interesting to watch this develop. The islands that are now getting hit will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the cases possibly.

  2. Thank you for doing this.

    While I understand if you want to stop, I for one would much appreciate it if you choose to continue the updates.

  3. This is probably the closest I get to “The News”, so I would appreciate you continuing the updates. Too bad about Francis the Red testing negative, heard he only has one lung and figured him for a goner.

  4. Shawn,while there is a corona burnout due to all the news updates at least for me a reminder to keep looking for and filling holes in me personal plans while also keeping me eyes out to update others in posts on conditions like me recent shopping adventures and what was/was not available.

    Sure,we also make jokes corona related but feel we lose our ability to laugh we are done for,so,a occasional update would be nice but your play pen/your call.

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