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VIDEO shows how Moscow Instagram blogger’s deadly pool party with DRY ICE went HORRIBLY WRONG

© YouTube / Видео дня

You know what happens when you fill a small room with people and carbon dioxide? You get a “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have..” post!

No-one expected the festivities to turn into a tragedy ( no, they never do. That’s why they do dumb stuff) when the blogger’s husband Valentin presented the guests with a surprise treat. The man brought out a large amount of dry ice – solid carbon dioxide – and after everyone donned symbolic ‘protection’, he poured it into a pool to create the fancy mist effect for everyone to take photos and videos.

Everyone loves a cool science project. But when you are Russian, you do things like you are in the control room at Chernobyl.

Footage of the fateful moment emerged online on Saturday. It shows the revelers wearing improvised protective costumes and goggles and gathered by a small indoor pool. One of them reads the instructions aloud, jokingly warning that the dry ice might be very dangerous before pouring the substance into the pool. Blyat !The guests then proceed to jump in, with the bravest one submerging himself completely – while one of the onlookers jokes “He’s dead, he’s not with us anymore.” Har Har Komrade


© YouTube / Вести 24

The joke, however, turned grim within moments. Upon coming into contact with the water, the dry ice evaporated, creating a thick plume of carbon dioxide – effectively turning the pool into a gas chamber. 

Three people, including Valentin, were left dead in the aftermath of the stunt, while several others remain in hospital. The small indoors location, as well as the large amount – 25 to 30 kilograms – of dry ice used, created a lethal concentration of the gas. The ‘protective equipment’ the revelers sported proved completely useless, as it didn’t include full-body wetsuits and rebreathers.

These are the people who masterminded the 2016 “election tampering” and we feared during the cold war..

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