Kalashnikov USA KP-9 “Quality”


Kalashnikov USA has this little pistol that should be a nice little pistol caliber carbine. A 9mm AK that scratches a certain itch a lot of people have .

The target above was shot at 25 yards at the head and 50 for the body using ball 9mm and red dot. Off hand and not from a bench.

SLR even makes a nifty hand guard for it.

Problem is…

Less than a 100 rounds and it broke. Looking around various places online tells me this kind of thing is a common occurrence with Kalashnikov USA .

Yes the company did send out a replacement as soon as they were told. But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

I guess the lesson here is .buy Russian..?

Will continue the review when gun is functional again. Hopefully that will correct the problem because otherwise this little AK is pretty nifty.


  1. guess you should have got a PSA….?
    hahaha. couldn’t resist. And now for the poporn.

    But jokes aside that is disconcerting to say the least. A 9mm blowback is not rocket science.

  2. I had a PSA AR 9 issue that looked almost identical to the pic with the spring all over the place. The buffer tube was installed a full turn too shallow. After a few hundred rounds, the buffer retaining pin launched into the trigger pocket and was wedged into the upper on the next hammer fall. I thought it was a broken firing pin because I could still run the bolt and drop the hammer but wasn’t getting firing pin strike.


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