Scattered Shots 2/28/2020


I probably won’t have much up today. I will be spending the day shooting and doing things that will show up here over the next few weeks. So don’t expect a lot today. I know I have said that before and then 12 articles showed up through the day so that may happen depending on weather . Anyhoo, in the meantime enjoy some random pictures I found entertaining or interesting this week.

SOG recon team takes a break in laos
idiot set himself on fire in Ukraine in some kind of protest
Delta Force guy training with oxygen and gas mask M4 has the old MRE rail
Man buried with his dog in Scandinavia


  1. My only objection to being buried with my dog is the idea of it being killed to accompany me into the afterlife. Now if I had to be killed to accompany the dog, that’s a different story…


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