Hate Mail Part 3


Today we got another post from some one who doesn’t like that I have my own opinions that I am honest about and share with readers.

Yeah, you didn’t specifically say a $2,000 rifle but you obviously knocked a budget brands which implies it. And suggesting PSA “vomits” out “cheap junk” smells like a gun-snob. You’re like a guy saying you only drive Mercedes Benz when my Honda Civic has never broken down over 300,000 miles. Not everyone wants to spend big money on guns. I’d rather have two Smith and Wesson’s than one Daniel Defense. Anyway, I won’t be reading any more of your articles. You won’t miss me because it doesn’t seem many people do read your stuff.

_ Love Christian

Well, he is half right. I won’t miss him. Over 100,000 unique visitors read the website every month though, so some one is reading it. Sorry you are offended that I have an opinion you don’t like Christian. But, hey, that’s life.

UPDATE with more hate mail

What have you even seen first hand? Probably nothing first hand. Just going off what youve heard. At least ak operators union tests out the rifle. Your fat ass, and yes ive seen you picture, sit around and spout off about things you have no clue of.


  1. Hey, for what my humble opinion is worth, I love this site and I visit every day because there’s always fresh intelligent content. I’m a cheap bastard and proud of it but I wasn’t offended. But then again, not much offends me. Cheers..

    • Agreed. I’m sure Colt, etc is better than the cheaper stuff I run but I’m happy with what I have. Not gonna go ranting and digitally walking away from this site.

      • its not necessarily that colt stuff is better. ( they are though) its that you got a hell of a lot less change of getting a bad one from colt. The amount of testing, retesting and third party testing that colt uses, increases the chances that they gun will hold up a lot longer and meets are specs. a lot of people dont get that when you buy something like a Colt, you aren’t paying for some magical fictional amount of better metal. you are paying for the quality testing and more precise attention to detail from gun to gun. A standard that is met. A standard that is definable with real known service lives that are predicable because part A was tested and meets spec B so it should operate until Time C before failure. for some people , like me, that matters and I am willing to pay a bit more for that peace of mind

    • these guys don’t read the site. They see whatever article that pisses them off on facebook or some gun forum where there is an outrage thread devoted to it and they follow it back here. they know nothing else about this site or our sense of humor and make a wild ass assumption over the one post that they got a rage-on over. Then they get their panties in a twist and comment full of indignation to tell off the mean old “gun snob” that doesn’t even own an AR15 that costs over 1000 bucks new, and tell us how no one has heard of us anyway. thats fine, Looserounds is an opinion site. I often wonder how guys like this react to people in person when they are told an opinion they don’t like.
      I’m not trying to convince anyone to buy something cause I like it, but I will give my opinion on what i think of some stuff. Part of the problem is people that our dramatic friend,are used to gun magazines or gun-tubers or gunstagram models who never have a bad ( honest) word about anything. or they are used to milquetoast writers who live by a sort of “the customer is always right” rule where they don’t dare be blunt and honest about their opinion.

      I don’t look down on anyone who wants to buy cheap stuff. It’s not my money and it doesn’t affect me. That won’t stop me from giving my opinion on things. All opinions are welcome here.

      My problem is with the guys who buy a PSA kit, put it together, shoot 100 rounds though it a year and then claim its just as good because it *might* in some theoretical scenario run ” millions of rounds through it without a problem” Now you tell me, if you think that its a little silly to claim they have fired thousands and thousands of rounds through their perfect PSA when they say the PSA is all they could afford. If I could afford to buy as much ammo as they claim they have put through those guns, I would have bought a better gun..

      their stupid car analogies are also tiresome.

  2. I love getting rations of hate and discontent from this sort of gun owner – because most of them assume (because I work mostly on nicer double-barreled shotguns) that I’m some old ‘Fudd” who doesn’t own or know anything about an AR.

    Well, the fly in the ointment is that I own a half-dozen AR rifles of varying levels of build. I own a couple of spare uppers. I’ve made barrels for a couple of my AR’s from blanks, I’ve made my own gas blocks, sight rails, etc. I don’t get a woody over an AR, but I don’t dismiss them either. One thing an AR is not is a “nice gun.” While the ergonomics of the lockwork and trigger are good, the gun fit of the stock to the shooter and the way the butt mounts on the shooter’s shoulder are embarrassingly poor. It’s a real crapfest of gun fit, and we now have a whole generation of young shooters who don’t know or appreciate anything about gun fit – thanks to the AR platform.

    The car analogies are just dumb. There are so many more moving parts in a car, and so much more to go wrong, than any gun will ever have. Even the most complicated belt-fed weapons are simple in comparison to an automobile, and I know this because I work on our cars, and have been working on cars since I was seven years old and my dad stuffed me under the hood of the family station wagon and showed me how to change the water pump.

    • the funny thing is, like you say, these people will never know what a truly expensive high quality firearm is and if you handed them one they wouldn’t appreciate it. Some old pre 64 super grade, or a LC Smith double would mean nothing to them but some fudd shit. but then they get fire crotch because I say a 2.99 AR isnt God’s own gift to the world

  3. Did you really say PSA vomits cheap junk? Well that’s more than just an opinion. And speaking of PSA, AK Operators Union did a nice torture test on a PSA Ak and it performed just fine. Have you shot thousands of rounds through a PSA and posted the video? If so you might not badmouth PSA in such an ignorant way.

      • Man, for a long time, a high-end M1A was my dream gun. Now that I know a little more, I’m glad I couldn’t afford one at the time. Talk about dreams dying…

        • If you want one, and you’re going to shoot it, and you’re going to shoot it with iron sights, then go for it. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with the M1A/M14 for target shooting, leg matches, DCM, etc. They’re just fine.

          The guys here hate on M14’s from a military perspective. It was the wrong rifle design, with the wrong round, at the wrong time. The time for the M14 (or a semi-auto version) was prior to WWII. The US Army examined the prospect of a box-magazine fed Garand, but they got pissy about the prospect of troops dropping the magazines and leaving them behind.

          The irony is/was that the M1 Carbine had detachable magazines, and that’s exactly what troops did with their mags – they often dropped them. Vets who liked the M1 Carbine with whom I’ve discussed the issue told me that there were always more new magazines in the rear area for them, and that they rarely kept using a magazine that was more than two to three weeks old on the Carbine.

          Back to the M1A: They can be quite accurate. They’re fun to shoot. They fit better to your cheek/shoulder than a AR does. If you want one, buy one. If you’d rather buy something else, then buy that. I’d avoid trying to buy a “M1A on the cheap by buying a BM-59, tho, but that’s another story.

          • My plan was to get into high power with a few buddies…although they all pointed me toward the AR. I still want one but they’re pretty pricey for a range toy. Got my hands on a fairly mint Garand recently and it scratches that itch.

        • they are maintenance heavy if you want one as a real match type rifle with match accuracy. It is a major commitment to keep them that way. The Army had dedicated specialists for keeping the M21 serviceable as a sniper rifle and spent decades wasting time and money on it before finally throwing their hands in the air and giving up for the M24 bolt gun.
          I have to disagree with DG on them for high power, if you show up to service rifle at camp perry these days with an M14 and want to be even ALMOST competitive against everyone else using AR15s you better have a team of AMU armorers on the spot and the US gov budget

          if you want a cool looking historic piece to plink with and shoot man sized targets and do some hunting, they are fine. they are not on the level of Ar15 match accuracy though. and if you get one up to that level , it wont stay long.

          Hones to God I would take an M1 Garand to service rifle over the M14 any day of the week and twice on sundays

    • Rob of AKOU said in thale video that PSA’s new AK would be awesome *IF* they maintained the quality control past his test rifle. This speaks to what Shawn said above about paying for standards and testing. Also, the torture test is far from complete yet.

      • if these guys coming here to screech at me actually read the website, they would see Duncan has tested several PSA guns, including a PSA AK47. guess it feels better to vent their spleen at me because I have yet to see one in person that was reliable

  4. If you call sonething cheap junk you should prove that it is. Lets see a video testing it. Have you ever even owned a psa? I doubt it. PSA may not be the best but it is far from being cheap junk.

    • how about this instead. I give my opinions based on what I have seen first hand and you either accept it or dismiss it. You go on about your day reading the website or don’t. It’s free. Doesn’t cost you a dollar. if you want to donate to our paypal and buy us a PSA to test with some ammo for a video , will be glad to test one to destruction for your amusement.

      If you’re still rankled ,how about you make a video shooting 10K rounds through your PSA proving how awesome it is instead, you can email it to me and I will post it and you can bask in the glory of your fellow PSA owners for proving how wrong I am.

  5. What have you even seen first hand? Probably nothing first hand. Just going off what youve heard. At least ak operators union tests out the rifle. Your fat ass, and yes ive seen you picture, sit around and spout off about things you have no clue of. Psa isnt the best and they dont claom to be.they are an affordable brand with decent guns.

  6. I personally dont like palmetto. I would rather go with Arsenal. But i wouldnt say palmetto is junk. If youre going to say palmetto is junk you should back it up. Answer the mans question. What is it that makes them junk? And to the other guy, stay away from the personal insults.

    • demanding me to do something is a 100 percent guaranteed way to get me to not do it.

      go read the website and find the PSA reviews if you want to read what Duncan thinks about them.

      wwhy I think they are junk is that I have seen about 2 dozen of them in the last year in use by various people and having to help them clear malfunctions, try to zero them with crooked FSBs . carrier keys coming unstaked , barrels not torqued properly and all manner of things. but it doesn’t matter what I say at this point. If I had video of me firing 50 of them and every one coming apart in my hands. they would just hand wave it off as me rigging them or how its just too small a sample size. So I dont give a shit if say they believe me or not. Have not handled the AK yet so i offer no opinion on those yet.

  7. What is a good brand of AK to buy. I looked at PSA and the prices are good. I saw some Zastava’s for around a grand. Is Zastava any good? Thanks for any info.

    • well its a case of how much are you willing to spend? The Arsenal AKs are what I would recommend if you are OK with spending around 1,000 for one. Some of the ones out there can cost quite a bit. If you want one that is just a plain AK or if you want one with rails and all the bells and whistles on it to make it more adapted for red dots and lasers, lights etc. the price goes up pretty quickly. May be easier to answer your question if we knew what your budget for it was

  8. Hate mail,seems a good thing,means more folks are reading the site!

    I have used/owned higher end stuff and lower end stuff,like it both and we do shoot them fairly regularly but admittedly lucky if some see more then 1500 a year counts.

    I read reviews/opinions and take em into account when making choices but will not let them be a deciding factor,tis what works for ME that counts.

    The interesting thing is I bet the folks at moment ticked will keep reading,why,because they like being ticked about something.

    I have never found any site I agree with completely and unless I write/create my own never will,and even then,will find if I want something to argue about!


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