Quick Update For Today


Sorry about the small amount of articles today. The good news is the reason I wasn’t on here was I got busy with the forms and talking to Colt about the Python. It should be on its way any time after today. I can’t say for sure but it won’t be much longer. Colt can sometimes move slow and sometimes you will have it in a day or two. I asked for it right in the middle of the industry show season so that slowed up. There aren’t as many people who work there as you may think.

I also talked to a couple of other gun companies today about some T&E stuff that will be arriving over the next month or two. Some interesting stuff should come out of me spending all day on the phone.

So anyways, all the stuff I was gonna have up today will have to wait till tomorrow. Probably put up a few things just for fun for the rest of the day into tonight.



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