Linear Anti Personnel Mine


This is a photo of SOG Green Beret 1-0 John St. Martin. He’s wearing all his gear he used when on a cross border operation. You can see he used the popular BAR belt for magazines. He uses one canteen pouch for holding grenades. The pouch on the front of his chest holds a claymore mine. It was rigged up so he could lift it off his shoulder and deploy it in a few seconds. The rope like thing around his chest is a purpose made linear antipersonnel mine. A lot of people think this was some rigged up deal but it was not.

The cord possessed frag sleeves of approx 1 1/2″ long, spaced approx 1 1/2″ apart. Each made of coiled, serrated spring steel of the same type found in grenades – – not washers.
It could be thrown onto a tree limb or bush with a time fuze/pencil to break pursuit; laid along a trail for linear ambush; as it resembles a jungle vine, it has many possibilities. – – SOG used the device on operation to break pursuit.

Reportedly it was not all that great .

That linear mine , wasn’t all that it was cracked-up to be. A good friend in IV Corps Mike Force after I left used them-1970- and thought overrated since the shrapnel spread wasn’t all that great due to appx 1/2 of blast/frags went into ground if laid on ground and easy to see/hard to camo if strung in a tree for airburst. They played with it but went back to old reliables for demo ambushes/dickin with Charlie; Claymores and frags!” 


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