Looks like Ralphie’s Mother was right. You will indeed shoot your eye out. Or some one else’s. I see no other choice but a total ban on BB guns to save the children.

A Florida teenager has died days after an 8-year-old boy shot him in the eye with a BB gun, according to reports.

Ivan Johnson, 17, died on Tuesday from injuries he sustained on Feb. 1 at a Bank of America parking lot in Tampa, where an unidentified man had driven his 8-year-old son and Johnson before leaving the pair in a car, WFTS reports.

The 8-year-old boy then grabbed a BB gun inside the vehicle and accidentally fired it at Johnson, striking him in the eye as he sat in the passenger seat, the station reports.

This story is suspicious in the extreme.

Johnson’s mother, Camisha Denny, said relatives are still trying to figure out the exact circumstances leading up to the incident.

“They started off saying it was an accident,” Denny told Bay News 9. “I think that’s more so because the guy said that he was [Johnson’s] father and he’s not. We don’t know the person at all. We saw him for the first time ever on that day.”

Some good has come out of this( not for the dead teen) his organs saved the lives of a few other people. Of course there is the usual statements about what a good guy he was and he would never do anything like hang around strangers in a parking lot for no reason anyone can say.

“Ivan was a good kid, he stayed out of trouble,” Howard told the newspaper. “He didn’t put himself in dangerous situations. He wasn’t running around the city playing with BB guns, doing dumb things like that. It was just really unexpected for the family.”

An investigation into the shooting remains ongoing, Tampa police said.

“It’s still an active investigation, we’re not done with the case yet,” police spokesman Eddy Durkin told The Post. “Nothing’s been ruled out at this point as far as charges.”

I’m sure we all could offer a few theories..




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