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Coronavirus Update 2/10/2020

  • Total global virus death toll hits 1018, with the number of global confirmed cases rising to 43,099, of which 42,638 in China and 461 offshore.
    • The number of severe cases jumped from 6,484 to 7,333, while the number of discharged patients rose by 716 from 3,281 to 3,996.
    • The epicenter, China’s Hubei province, announced 103 new deaths – the biggest jump yet – to 1,011 deaths
  • Westerdam cruise ship to dock in Thailand after being turned away from 3 countries
  • Stocks are in the red as coronavirus worries return to rattle investor confidence
  • WHO designates 10 Chinese provinces ‘hot spots’
  • UK confirms 4 more cases tied to possible ‘super spreader’
  • Extended LNY holiday ends but millions still too afraid to return to office
  • WeWork Chairman says 100 buildings temporarily closed in China
  • Canadian finance minister warns nCoV “will hit Canadian economy…”
  • WHO says outbreak in Europe could be “spark that becomes a bigger fire”
  • Hong Kong reports 6 new cases, bringing total to 42, evacuates building where two nCoV patients lived
  • NRF forecasts drop in retail sales in February
  • British Airways extends China flight cancellations
  • President Xi addresses party officials at outbreak control center

1 thought on “Coronavirus Update 2/10/2020”

  1. As I write this, the single largest concentration of cases outside China is on that cruise liner

    So in a controlled, isolated, almost lab-like environment where it’s real hard to lie about the numbers, one dude has infected about 160 people.

    Yet India claims to have only 3 cases. None in Indonesia. None in Africa, despite all the chinamen there.

    Yeah. Right. That seems likely.

    I think the ruling classes are doing everything they can to suppress the truth so that the masses don’t get annoyed and start bringing out their ropes, pitchforks etc.


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