Coronavirus Wuhan Strain Update 2/5/2020

I’m here to give you the newest numbers
  • More than 28,266 cases, 565 deaths globally
  • President Xi says China ‘capable of suppressing outbreak
  • Wisconsin confirms first case of coronavirus, bringing US total to 12
  • First babies born infected with coronavirus
  • Hong Kong closes borders with mainland
  • Cruise ship quarantined in Hong Kong
  • WHO asks for more money
  • 2 planeloads of Americans evacuated from Wuhan landed in California early Wednesday
  • CDC says a total of 4 evacuations flights from Wuhan either have returned, or will return, to the US this week.
  • US Coast Guard checking ships arriving in US
  • 10 more cases identified aboard ‘Diamond Princess’

10 more nCoV cases have been confirmed among the ~3,000 passengers of the Princess Diamond cruise ship, which is being quarantined in Yokohama.

Though authorities haven’t said much, it’s pretty clear that all of these cases – 20 so far – were transmitted via human-to-human contact with the passenger who was diagnosed with the virus in Hong Kong.

After Japanese authorities assured the public that everything would be fine and that they had the virus contained, this cruise ship has just dropped a nasty problem in their lap. “everything is fine “

Meanwhile in the Yankee state of Wisconsin ..

Earlier, a spokesperson for the Coast Guard said it will begin checking passengers and crew of ships arriving in the US for symptoms of the virus, particularly if they’re from certain parts of China.

“These are pretty tight as far as advance notice of arrivals, the Coast Guard’s screening every vessel coming in,” said Coast Guard spokesman Kurt Fredrickson. “We have very good visibility on where ships have been, where the crew are from.”

曾錚 Jennifer Zeng posted the video on Tuesday, indicating that there are “Internal Videos From Crematories in Wuhan All corpses were packed in body bags and lined up, waiting for incineration. Yet the workers were singing Jackie Chan’s song at the Spring Festival Gala, “My country doesn’t seem sick at all.” 


  1. FWIW, the Daily Mail has an interesting little article up about “accidentally leaked” figures on the epidemic from Tencent:

    Work the math, and that’s a 15% fatality rate on infected. My guess is that we’re about to hear some ugly figures coming out pretty damn soon.

    Thing that may help is the fact that you don’t have people living cheek-by-jowl here in the West the way you do in China. Transmission rates will likely fall off, with that factored in. Colleges, military facilities, and all other places where you have a lot of people crowded in together are about to become a lot less popular, if this thing takes off the way I suspect it’s about to.

    I really never wanted to live in either a Monty Python movie or a John Ringo novel, but it looks like we’re all about to have that experience. I really hope that crap is panic-mongering, but with the way the Chinese are reacting to all of this? I don’t think we’ve got a lot of cause for dismissive optimism.

    • The medical facts of it are beyond my ken, but supposedly Asians are at greatest risk to this Coronavirus due to the cellular composition of the lung. Transmission/infection/death rates may be much Lowe among white people.

      (Race is, of course, a purely social construct, so the only explanation for this would be Coronavirus’s racism. No, check that: it’s white privilege again!)

    • yeah there is a lot more info I haven’t posted yet. The trasmissions rates arent slowing, the chinese have just ran out of the kits they used to test and confirm people have the Kung Flu.
      people wanting to hand wave this off becauuse the regular seasonal flu infects and has a higher death rate in a year’s time are comparing apples to oranges, this coronavious has already killed more than SARS did in an entire


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