M231 Firing Port Weapon


I found some great photos on the M231 today. The M231 is a modification of the M16 to be used in firing points designed into the Bradley fighting vehicle.

everyone has seen this common photo of a M231 in use in the first year of the Iraq invasion

The M231 installed in one of the firing port in a rear door.


  1. The 400 BFV’s that Saudi Arabia bought also had M231’s (2 each) issued with them. Tried to get them to buy drum mags, but red tape gummed it up. Original fielding crews were never trained how to use them (1992-97 sale from FMC and issue to KSA of the 400 M2 Bradleys).

    OMG, those brown boots! Early 1980’s experimental rough-out brown boots. Was issued a set to test back in ’81 at Redstone Arsenal. They sucked up water and stretched almost 2 sizes too big. Almost a suede leather on outside.

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