Wuhan Strain new update with new numbers 1/3/2020

  • First human-to-human transmission confirmed in US in Chicago
  • 9,821 confirmed cases worldwide, 213 fatalities
  • South Korea confirms first human-to-human transmission
  • China reported largest one-day jump in fatalities on Wednesday with
  • Hong Kong warns of surgical mask shortage
  • Russia closes border
  • 6,000 quarantined aboard Italian cruise ship
  • Thailand leads with most cases outside China (14)
  • Chinese national hospitalized and quarantined in York
  • Virus arrives in India, Philippines
  • Air France suspends flights to/from mainland
  • IMF now monitoring crisis as economic fears grow
  • State Department authorizes personnel to evacuate China
  • WHO declares global pandemic
  • American Airlines pilots union files lawsuit to end travel to China
  • First 2 cases confirmed in Italy
  • Germany confirms 5th case
  • Turkish Airlines suspends China routes

Update (1900): The NHC is reporting a total of 9,692 cases across China, and a total of 213 deaths in another early morning dump.

A total of 102,427 people are now under medical observation in China. Suspected cases have surged from 12,167 to 15,238. That means 102K are probably sick once the commie newspeak is decoded.

This brings the total confirmed worldwide to 9,821.


  1. Oh I probably came across as snarkier than I meant to be.

    I already have an image of you as some sort of terrifying savant. My wife knows you and Howard as “those gun guys with all the China stuff.”

  2. I will caution people to remember that more people will die in the US from influenza this winter than will likely die from coronavirus ailments.

    Influenza cuts down elderly people like a scythe. Here one week, gone the next. In between, they “just stopped breathing.”

    • Im more interested in how the world govs respond to this more than the disease itself which I am pretty sure is not a real threat to anyone here at this point, Later tonight I will be sharing some stuff that indicates a much much higher death toll with china trying to secretly burn the bodies of the dead and some other stuff, its more serious than they are admitting.

    • If this thing is 10x more deadly than the flu, as some are talking, that’s a big deal.

      Panic is, of course, never a good strategy, and what’s good for avoiding the flu is probably just as effective for this thing.

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