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What is more innocent and wholesome than a day out fishing with the family? Sun, surf, fun and a fish impaling you through the neck.

Pic shows: Needlefish had pierced the teenager Muhammad Idul on the neck. These images show the teenager who has survived after being impaled in the neck by a needlefish.

In Southeast Asia, the fish spear you. That’s right, a young fisherman is lucky to be alive after a fish impaled him through the neck while he was fishing in Southern Indonesia.

Muhammad Idul, 16, was fishing with his family in the waters off Wakinamboro village when a school of needlefish — a marine creature with a long snout and tack-like teeth — started jumping out of the water, CEN reports.

Idul got a closer look than intended when one of the creatures hopped into his boat and stabbed him in the throat with its sharp snout, knocking him into the water.

Graphic photos show that the critter’s needle-like nose gouged all the way through the back of his neck and exited out the other side.

Fortunately, Idul was able to swim back to the vessel and walk home with his unfortunate piercing still lodged in his neck. However, it was so firmly embedded that the teen had to be transferred from a Southeast Sulawesi hospital to a facility in Makassar for emergency surgery.

That sushi makes the puffer fish seem not so dangerous.

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