Brownells Teaser Photo for SHOT


Brownells released this photo as a teaser for us to guess what is new. Spoiler, its the ARs with the lowers with AR-180 mag well profiles.


  1. Any point to the AR-18 mag well profile that I am missing?

    Other than cosmetics, that is.

    Frankly, I’d like to see a rock-in replacement lower so you could use 5.56mm AK-style mags, and have the ability to run a drum without the idiotic mag well tower the current design requires. I lay you long odds that that would leave you with a much higher reliability rate than you get with the towers.

    The AR-18 thing just strikes me as pointless. If you’re going to change, change enough that you could use the other style of magazine, ya know? It isn’t like there’s a whole mess of AR-18 mags out there somewhere that you can get cheaply and affordably, now is it?

    • they brought out the brownells Ar180 hybrid weird thing, I guess the new lower is to make it more like the 180 instead of an AR lower. I really don’t know what the deal with all that is. Some focus group market research must have convinced them there is a market for it

    • Cosmetic to replicate the original. They’ve also a more contemporary AR15 pattern lower as well. Both have just a piece of rail for the lower extension for your folding stocks and such. These new iterations take standard AR mags and not the original AR18 pattern mags.

      I think it’s a neat idea to resurrect, there’s a market for it clearly. At least it’s not stuffing a piston onto an AR. At the end of the day it’s still a company’s one-off product.

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