2020 Colt Python


Finally I can tell you about it and you can stop annoying me asking about it.


  1. looks good – most likely I will not see one for a while, until the panic dies down. Hope they didn’t mess with the grip frame and the trigger guard.

    Just got a XM-117E2 reissue, maybe the last “AR-15” produced, at least for a while. Love my LE901-16S – Hope there is more info from shot show. I hope Colt knows what they are doing.

          • Thank you! I love shooting my CM762 thats set up for night work and my bone stock MARC 901, but without any bolt spares on hand, it makes me feel a bit uncertain. Please do, there are a few dozen folks over on the BARFCOM and Colt forums that are also dying to know. I hope you do get an answer because Colt won’t reply to my DM’s and my contact there has clammed up.

  2. I am happy they started making DA revolvers again.

    I wasnt thrilled when they puttye cobra name on everything that didnt have an aluminum frame.

    I wasnt happy that the King Cobra is not a E/I/J/V mid sized frame.

    They seem pretty good and accurate, but they are leaning a bit to hard on names without really respecting them properly. I will wait and see. I do predict that this will not have a massive effect on the original Python market .

  3. There’s no way you could replicate the original Python at this price point, it’s a new design..
    If the quality is there they will sell a ton of these.


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