“F-ing Pig” Coffee Cup Cop Caught Lying


I’m sure most of you saw or heard about this. A cop goes to get a cup of Joe and when he gets it, some words had been written on it that hurt his feelings. Like anyone wanting in on some of those sweet, sweet victim points he posted an image of the cup on social media. It went viral and you know how the rest of that goes. Except he is a liar. When I first saw this my gut told me it was BS. Just like the cop who lied about getting shot at a few months ago. I guess he thought it would be safer to lie about getting some words written on a coffee cup at mickey D’s than it was to fake a firefight. Well, he figured wrong.

Posted: Mon 10:09 AM, Dec 30, 2019  |  Updated: Mon 9:57 PM, Dec 30, 2019

A Herington Police Officer is no longer employed after admitting he “fabricated” a story a McDonald’s employee wrote an expletive on his coffee cup over the weekend.

He lied. Her is a liar. He made up a lie to get victim points and toss low wage McDonald’s employees under the buss. Screw ’em right? They aren’t cops after all so they are just scum bags anyway.

Herington Police Chief Brian Hornaday confirmed in a news conference the officer resigned from the agency, calling it a “black-eye on the law enforcement community.”

“McDonald’s and its employees did not have anything whatsoever to do with this incident. This was completely and solely fabricated by a Harrington police officer who is no longer employed with our agency,” said Hornaday.

After initially standing by his story, Hornaday said the officer has since told him the note was “meant to be a joke.”

The officer made the claims Saturday, telling the Chief he was on his way to work when he ordered a coffee at the Junction City McDonald’s drive-thru. As he continued on his way, he saw the words “f***ing pig” written on his cup. Ha. Ha. Very funny. I bet the drive through window workers were laughing their ass off at this joke once the entire internet and the company upper management started leering at them.

Hornaday shared his concerns over the incident, along with a photo of the cup, in a Facebook post which quickly garnered thousands of shares. McDonald’s immediately said it was taking the allegation seriously. The man is a disgusting piece of shit and I would not be unhappy if some how a zillion dollar company like McDonalds or the employees could come up with a lawsuit to hit this turd with.

From there, the investigation led both McDonald’s and Hornaday to review surveillance videos.

“Based on what I saw this morning (Monday) in meeting with the McDonald’s representatives, we are looking further into this matter,” Hornaday said in an interview Monday afternoon.

McDonald’s Owner/Operator Dana Cook addressed the matter in a written statement Monday as well, saying, “My McDonald’s have the utmost respect for all members of law enforcement ( I bet not now) and the military and were troubled by the accusation made. We thoroughly reviewed our security video from every angle, which clearly shows the words were not written by one of our employees. We look forward to working with Chief Hornaday as he continues his investigation.”

“While we are glad that the evidence confirmed our evaluation that the McDonald’s and our employees, crew members were absolutely not involved, we stand with our community in being disappointed about these actions. We took seriously our role to be transparent and fully cooperative with Chief Hornaday and his department throughout his investigation. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the department moving forward. Our McDonald’s family maintains great respect for all members of law enforcement and our military. It is with great pride that our restaurant is always open to them,” said Lenor Brazzi, Director of Operations for the franchisee owner.

Oh well, at least he didn’t kill a UPS driver taken hostage or run over a woman in the middle of the street.



  1. Chief should have kept his big mouth off of Facebook until he’d done some investigating.

    I’ll go so far as to say that any so-called sworn orificer with so little self control as to blow his stack on Facebook without a smidgeon of evidence, like the Chief here for instance, “behaved stupidly” and should be working in that segment of the video industry what documents winter driving in Russia, as a driver, not in law enforcement. The Herrington city fathers should have a short chat with this mook before they shove him out the same door that didn’t hit his deputy in the ass.

    Top Men indeed.

  2. I will hand it to the Thin Blue Line for closing ranks and ejecting this butthead. If they ejected a few more buttheads, we’d really be moving in the right direction.


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