China says we shouldn’t have guns guys, time to turn them in


If there is one thing Communists know, it’s how dangerous guns can be. The other things commies know is that is that only the communist government should have guns. This way they can make sure you are protected from having any counter revolutionary thoughts.

“The Global Times, which is Chinese state-run media, published the op-ed after a good guy with a gun in Texas stopped a shooting in a church.

China mocked the United States, saying that “shootings are shocking in a US allegedly governed by law”:

Private gun ownership is a tradition from the early days at the founding of the US. In a modern society, the problems created by this tradition have already exceeded the benefits. …

American society has already seen serious problems caused by the private ownership of guns, but their massive number has contributed to an enormous inertia. Many interest groups have benefited from it and some ordinary people have truly gained a sense of safety. To change this habit which has lasted hundreds of years, tremendous political courage and a rearrangement of interests is required.

Facts have proved that the US system is unable to handle the intricacies of countless issues around guns including politics, economics, law and order and public psychology. The country can neither manage the safe storage and use of so many guns owned by ordinary people, nor can it establish a new national system that bans or strictly restricts guns. It cannot even form an overwhelming opinion regarding gun issues.

China is really good at “forming and overwhelming opinion”.

China’s attack on the Second Amendment comes after Hong Kong protesters have requested to have their own Second Amendment so they can defend themselves from the oppressive communist Chinese government.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that Chinese dictator Xi Jinping had received a title that was normally reserved for Communist China’s founder Mao Zedong, who is the most prolific mass murderer in human history.

We found another issue the communists in china an d the communists in DC have in common.

An anti-extradition bill protester covers her one eye with a gauze during a mass demonstration after a woman shot in eye during a protest at Hong Kong International Airport, in Hong Kong, China August 12, 2019. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu


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