The Winchester Model 69A

Magazine release button can be seen on the left side

Over the weekend I went to the degenerate city of Charleston in the degenerate state of WV. Up there is a Cabellas that I browse to see if there is anything ever interesting. While in the over priced “gun library” section I ran across this gem.

I have always wanted one of these. The Model 69A is a magazine fed .22 long rifle that has a very nifty set of target peep sights. The gun uses the same Winchester magazine as the Model 52 family and the Model 75 wincheaster. This means it uses the 5 round ma as standard but would accept the 10 round version and the single shot blocked off version.

I had a model 69 at one time but not the 69A. The 69 had only the usual open V-notch open sights of most guns of this type from this time period. But those peep sights though.. I missed out on getting one of these years ago but noticed the extractors were broke. The shop sent it off to get fixed for me before I bought it but when it came back they sold it off to some one else. Very annoying.

I really wanted this one. But I did not even consider it. Why? Because Cabellas wanted 699 for this gun. Yea I didn’t want it that bad. One of these days though.


  1. I have my dad’s old 69A. It is a fantastic rifle. Sadly I lost the 10rd mag years ago. I’d love to find another

    I did come across a .22 short mag recently; it does make feeding smother.

    • Almost all of Winchester’s pre-64 product line has been bid up. They’re just looking in the BlueBook and knowing that they can set a high price – and eventually get it.

  2. I have my dads 69a. Shoots great, take it to the range every time and put at least 100 rounds thru it. The peep sites work very well. I have 2 magazines for it, both 5 round. Would love to get more, as well as 10 round ones.

  3. I bought my 69a of a guy on my paper route back in 74′ for $35 bucks! Got it with two five shot clips and a 10 shot “banana” clip! Love it, shoot it all the time. one of these days I’ll pass it down, but not any time soon!


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