3-D Printed AK Receiver


Comrades – Brothers and Sisters of the Soviet Union – Download the World’s First 3D-Printable AKM Receiver Today, in honor of Mikhail Kalashnikov himself.0:4412:05 PM · Dec 23, 2019·Twitter Web App



    • They show a URL at the end of the video, but I didn’t try typing it in.

      DG—What’s your read on the weak point of a plastic AK receiver? You were spot on with your prediction on the plasticARs.

      • John, I do not think I’m experienced enough with AK’s to be able to give a competent answer. In all honesty, my area of least expertise is ComBlock weapons, mostly because they really don’t interest me that much to shoot. I mean, I have experience shooting and cleaning semi-auto AK’s, SKS’s, and several Mosin’s owned by friends and customers, but I have little gunsmithing experience on them. I perhaps have more experience smithing on a Nagant 1895 revolver than the rest of Russian guns.

        I really should fix this situation, but there’s only so much time in the day…


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