2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties In Kentucky


An interesting reaction to Virginian has started a sanctuary county movement here in KY. Of course I support and I am glad to see this but I got to admit the quick spring up of this is a surprise to me. It seems to have happened after Va and a few “news” articles that sprang up to get clicks from exploiting the situation in VA. A couple of news sites reported a gun ban bill was introduced in KY. This is true. What the news websites didn’t mention or didn’t know is that the same idiot has done this every year since about 2004. It is always dead on arrival.

The state legislature is deeeply controlled by pro gun republicans. Even democrats in the Ky state gov are to the right of most republicans in the federal gov when it comes to something. Gun rights being one of those things. The same people just got constitutional carry passed last year and we are enjoying it right now. The newly elected governor is a powerless lame duck who only won because the last guy insulted a lot of people. Ky rarely has a republican governor. It is not a reflection on national politics and never has been. A fellow Kentuckian said it better than I can on a forum this morning.

It’s nothing like the Virginia situation. Beshear( the governor) is a lame duck and Republicans hold a large majority in both houses, Democrats are terrified as coming out as antigun in Kentucky, we don’t have a big liberal draw like Nova has, our population sees less than a 4% shift per year in or out, our constitution has more aggresive language defending it, our state supreme Court has several well established precedents set for individual right to own and carry, and the 6th court of appeals has a strong track record of upholding gun rights at the federal level. This is a non issue with people trying to pretend to be under threat because they have some fomo or something else stupid towards the Virginia situation. “

I wouldn’t call the movement to immick VA as stupid. It always pays to send a message of just how serious you are to all levels of the government. I don’t wan’t to ever down play or poopoo any threat no matter how unlikely it is. That said, don’t worry about KY if you want to move here or live here. Don’t stop promoting gun rights nonetheless.


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