Two Person Tactics – What do you want to talk about?


Shawn asked me to write about two person tactics. I started writing about it, then stopped working on that one particular subject and started another. Now I have about a half dozen unfinished posts where I’ve run into writers block and I’m not quite sure what I want to say.

The smallest minority (or fighting unit) is the individual. Sadly, a single person can’t as well cover a 360 degree circle, and will eventually need rest. A two person team doubles the firepower, and combat capabilities. Think about it. Mathematically, each additional person adds a smaller percentage of additional firepower. Still, I’d take more than less, given the choice.

Writing about two person teams is awkward since the situation could be so very different. A two man sniper team is going to look and work differently than a two man machine gun team, or a two man breaching and assault team. Two Cops working together might have a different dynamic than a husband and wife. Think about it. One guy might want to take point to protect his spouse. Another might want to send the spouse off first as this guy could always just get married again. Think, if you and your kid are moving toward a potential ambush, do you go first, or do you send the kid? You can make more kids, right?

All joking aside. Different groups with different tasks will have different operating procedures.

Back when I taught room cleaning, when I entered a room, I preferred to button hook. I often worked with a Marine who preferred to criss cross. I knew if I was behind him, he would cross and I button hook, or if he was behind me, that I would button hook and he would cross. That is, unless we were doing it as a demonstration in front of people, if he went first he would always button hook to me on my toes. It certainly helps to have trained enough with an individual as to know how they will act and react in a situation.

Anyways. I’m working on posts about lanes of fire and sectors of fire, movement, room clearing, but I am drawing a blank on quite how I should approach some of these subjects.

What do you want to hear about with regard to two man team tactics?


  1. I love the sound of all of it honestly. You could do it as a 2 man series. With a write up on each type? I’ll be reading the all :p

  2. I would be interested in 2 man patrolling/securing ones region/aop ect. during interesting times,how to cover for each other and do the job as unseen as reasonably possible,assume folks have walked their region in all weathers and day and night,know it very well. I agree with other post in that this could if interested make a good multi part series.


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