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    • pay in person at the sheriffs office. In Ky the sheriffs main job is to collect property taxes. which isnt bad, it was 135 bucks for about 30 acres and a home

      • Dude. You can complain if you want to, but in AZ you couldn’t put a port-a-potty on land you only paid $135/annum in property tax on.

        1/3 acre with a tract home is going to run you $1400/annum.

        Of course, that 10x means we get such niceties as pay-by-mail, but I would gladly knock $1200 off the bill to drop off payment.

        • haha I’m not really complaining. I wouldn’t live anywhere other my beautiful. free Commonwealth. its the greatest place on earth. God’s own country. My sentiment for my home state is much like R E Lee’s feelings for VA. Though I don’t have much respect for the state gov, I appreciate it compared to other state govs. Thomas Massie and Rand Paul are both products of this state after all.

          • I was born and bred a Yankee, with a Yankee’s disdain for the Southerner. But as I’ve aged (matured, maybe), I’ve come to appreciate Southern culture, including the Southerner’s attachment to his land.

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