Rumor True, New HK MP5s on the market

HK SP5, picture by DrFwank on Reddit

Previously we talked about the rumor of new HK MP5 coming to the market. Link here. Turns out it is true.

You can buy an “HK SP5” pistol that comes with 2 mags and it comes out of the box with all the latest MP5 updates and upgrade. Paddle mag release, 1/2-28 threaded tri-lug barrel, ambi-lower, etc.

MSRP is $2799. Some people are claiming to have purchased them for around $2200.

Downside, it has a Zenith/MKE style block in the receiver to prevent using a full auto bolt.

Picture by bestiller posted on

What does this mean? If you are looking for a Semi-Auto MP5, you can now buy an authentic HK that is ready to go and you won’t have to spend hundreds to change it to what it should have been from the factory. The downside is that these are not likely to be good host guns for auto-sears. It might be possible to mill a full auto carrier to work in these guns, but I don’t know the details.

But I’m not a lawyer, an ATF agent, or an HK expert. Consult with one of them if you plan on using a SP5 as a sear host.

As always, the hardcore nuts are complaining. They say that it has the wrong rear sight and you’d need to swap that out. Some of the people who paid $6000+ for their HK94 are saying that these are a poor finish and bad looking welds and that only a fool would settle for one instead of buying a real authentic vintage HK94. That it should have been threaded 1/2-36. That it doesn’t have a push pin for the front of the lower. That it uses the wrong version of the cocking tube. People will complain about everything given the chance.

If you have been wanting a real HK MP5 and are willing to spend the high dollar for a good semi-auto one. Now is your chance.


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