They want fear of us to be considered normal.


Ever see one of those over the top “Chick tracks“? So many of them are so ridiculous that it makes their message seem stupid. Similarly, there many many people sharing old anti-Marijuana ads, and making spoofs of those old ads because they are seen as just so very silly.

The people who make advertisements and religious tracks like this don’t want you to make an educated and informed decision, they just want to scare you into compliance with their goals.

We see the same tactics used by anti-gun groups and individuals.

You can find many stories from the UK where the bomb squad was called in to handle the disposal of a few rounds of ammunition. Stories like the Fossgate bullet mystery or when EOD was called in because a boy found a few old rounds in Yorkshire. Here in the US, things are just as silly. Remember the case when a kid got suspended for biting a poptart into an L shape? (Courts upheld the suspension of the 7 year old) Classic example here in the US is when the news reports that a “Rocket Launcher” was found. An AT-4 anti-tank weapon is a single use rocket in a fiberglass tube. It can NOT be reloaded. Sometimes after one is fired, the tube is kept or sold to collectors. That tube is just as deadly as any other fiberglass pipe. But when one is found in the trash, or in someones collection, the media just wets their panties in glee when they get to announce how a rocket launcher was found.

This is part of a form of social engineering.

Anti-gun individuals and groups want people to be afraid of guns. They want to normalize these over the top reactions. Fear is the goal. A desire for everyone unfamiliar with guns to be afraid of them. It makes people less likely to want or own one. It makes them more likely to turn over guns to the government.

We have a counter to this. Take people out shooting. Teach your kids to shoot. Encourage people to attend events like Women On Target. Lift that veil of ignorance that that people peddling this bullshit rely on.


  1. Remember the lies about what Freud said about gun owners, was always reported was exactly the opposite of he actually said.

    In addition, the propaganda is to make people believe that gun owners are a minority, a very small percentage of the total population so restrictions against them barely affect anyone.

    Add to this that gun owners are mentally unstable, a ‘hair trigger’ away from serious violence, the cause of crime, and just hoping for the opportunity to kill someone.

    Remember, the news media does not report news, it states what ‘it’ wants you to believe.

  2. I will say during Reagans war on drugs when pot quality dropped/price increased many were soaking the dope with PCP,could then see Mark killing his friend.

    On the upside,to maximize profits,smugglers instead brought in cocaine and heroin leading to large price decreases and quality of product increases,so,was a victory in the war on drugs.

  3. Agree largely except i was in the unit from Fort Lewis that brought the very live LAW back from Afghanistan. We traded with the Canadians since the laws were so lightweight. Anyway a SSG decided it would be cool to have one andIt wasn’t on the US books. Unfortunately for him his landlady did not think it was cool.

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