No Thanksgiving is complete without some minor and major property loss due to kitchen and cookery mishaps.

HAYS COUNTY, TEXAS (KXAN) — An investigator is on the scene of an explosion in Kyle Wednesday morning and working to determine the cause. The Hays County Sheriff’s Office tells KXAN’s Tahera Rahman that a man at a residence there was smoking a turkey when things got out of control and a barn caught on fire. As it does.

Hays County Emergency Service District said they were first called out when neighbors heard an explosion at around 10:16 a.m. First responders also received reports of flames and large black smoke in the area of 3832 Dacy Lane

Lieutenant Dennis Gutierrez of the Hays County Sheriff’s Office explained that there was a vehicle fire in a barn with a possible propane tank that exploded.

Crews respond to the scene of an explosion in Kyle. (KXAN Photo/ Tahera Rahman).

Hays County ESD said they discovered gun powder and ammunition were involved and that a propane tank might have also gone off. They say multiple explosions happened and that an investigator is on scene to find the cause.

Ok. New tip. Don’t smoke or deep fry your turkey in the same shop you store your rifle powder for reloading and ammunition and propane tanks.

One chicken died in the explosion, first responders say. Press F in comments to pay your respects boys.

Other local agencies including the Hays County Sheriff’s department and Hay County EMS responded to this explosion as well.

Crews clean up the scene of an explosion in Kyle. (KXAN Photo/ Tahera Rahman).

It truly is a Black Friday for some one.

Link, but I gave you the entire thing already.



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