Assault Rifle Menaces Japan


Well. well well. What do we have here…

You know that peaceful country out east that has a model of gun control that the communists in this country often tout as a perfect example? Well, seems you have to worry about more than Godzilla and being irradiated by the tuna now.

People in Japan are in shock over a violent murder.
A senior member of a yakuza crime syndicate was shot in a busy shopping district. And in a country where guns are strictly controlled, the weapon appears to have been an assault rifle. GASP! WHAT IS THIS? WHAT. IS. THIS!!!!!

The shooting happened around 5pm Wednesday in the western city of Amagasaki. About a dozen shell casings were found at the scene.

This is the automatic rifle thought to have been used. Experts say it’s likely a modification of the M16. That’s a model that was used by the US military. Thanks to the experts at the NHK we now determine the obvious M16 is an M16. Bot the bolt action rifle or shotguns that are one of the few types of arms that it is still possible to buy in Japan through a insane process.

People who live near the scene said they were worried. A man said, “I’m terrified. There are lots of people around at five o’clock.”

A woman said, ” What if I had been there? I could have been hit by a stray bullet.” No lady that’s not possible, these kind of things only happen in America. I know this because I was assured by barrack the benevolent.

The suspect was arrested in Kyoto, one hour after the shooting. He was surrounded by police vehicles. Then he threw a handgun and a rifle to the ground. He’s believed to be an associate of the Yamaguchi-gumi crime syndicate. Nani!? Two guns!

The victim was a senior member of a gang connected with the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi. They’re a crime syndicate that split off from the Yamaguchi-gumi. The two groups have been fighting over the past six months.

The Yamaguchi-gumi number-two, Kiyoshi Takayama, could be a focus of police attention. He was released from prison last month, after serving 6 years for extortion.

Police had been on the alert in case the feud between the two groups escalated. They are trying to find out whether the shooting has anything to do with the feud.

If you know anything at all about how the Japanese police work, you will know that nothing will be done except some guy who looked at a school girl on a train will be arrested for making her uncomfortable.


  1. The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    Of the big lake they called ‘Yamaguchi-gumi’
    The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
    When the skies of November turn gloomy

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