Glock Countdown To New “Legendary” Announcement


Is this the end of the world? Are dogs and cats living together? Does 2+2=5 now? Shawn is writing about glock? Yes lets take a look at some recent news/scuttlebutt from glock.

So what could this be? Let’s take a look at what the expurts on BARFcom seem to think they are going to announce.

Order of likelihood-

1- Gen 5 G20 or other new 10mm pistol

2- .22LR line of guns or an official conversion kit (think survival/outdoorsy plinking aspect of .22LR use)

3- PCC in 9mm or maybe 10mm

4- AR15

5- Wildcard: long range bolt gun

No. What do I think is most likely.

  1. Another version of the G19 with a couple more tiny variations.
  2. A pistol in .22long rifle.
  3. new generation 10mm
  4. Don’t care.

But who knows? Maybe they have finally wised up and achieved the perfection they have been claiming all these years…

Yes, that old chestnut

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. You knew it was coming so shut up.

Go keep a watch on the countdown to” Legend ” time if you are on the edge of your seat.


  1. I’m guessing that by “big” they don’t mean .22 LR.

    I wish they’d produce the G17/19/26-sizes .380s in Georgia so they could sell them here, but I doubt a line of .380s qualifies as “big” for the purposes of this announcement.

    And how many more 10mms could they add to the catalog? One with a 24” barrel like some of those ridiculous revolvers?

    And a PCC or an AR-15 seems incredibly unlikely to me, but it would qualify as “big.”

  2. Looking at the source code for the website, the teaser images are tagged as “g44_teaser”. So we can assume this is single new firearm = the Glock 44.

  3. How about a reinforced frame that doesnt pignose and will hold a light totally straight and solid. No, it doesnt matter. Yes, it works just fine as is, but its annoying, ugly, and not workmanlike. Fix the damn thing already


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