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Protected & Served ( Part 8 )

Looks like like some Top. Men. and their expurt training instructors had a pretty big oopsie the other day.

EDINBURG, Texas (KGBT) — Some Edinburg residents are demanding answers after stray bullets injured a family member during what authorities are calling a training exercise.

“We were starting to gather as a family out here in the yard all of a sudden we heard gun fire. A lot of shots coming from the shooting range a few hundred yards that way,” said Jose Reyes, a witness of the incident that turned a peaceful family dinner into a chaotic one.

“We could hear ricochet, we could hear bullets falling my brother in laws, father in law he was struck in the leg,” he added.

Reyes’s family member didn’t experience life threatening injuries from the stray bullet. However, his family was not the only one shaken by the disturbance.

People living a few homes down the block also got a close call.

“A bullet had penetrated through one of my windows, where my little girl sleeps,” explained Jesus Anaya about the frightening scenario his two daughters experienced.

A home surveillance video Anaya shared with CBS 4, captured the moment a bullet is heard striking through the window of the bedroom, with the two girls witnessed in the room.

He says the bullet landed on the floor right next to their toddler’s bed.

“That could’ve turned really bad especially if my daughter would’ve been napping or something, because that’s where she sleeps,” he added. “My oldest she couldn’t sleep last night. She was just, the anxiety, she kept waking up looking at the wall.”

Both families say authorities informed them the disturbance was caused by the training Edinburg Police was conducting. “the disturbance”

The Edinburg Police Department issued a statement Friday which said they are investigating the incident and are working with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department on the case.

“The Edinburg Police Department is aware of the incident that has occurred today at 4:57p.m. on Jutland Street. Training was being conducted at the Edinburg Police Department firing range located at the 1300 block of North Doolittle Road and has since been closed pending the investigation. We are also conducting our own administrative investigation into the incident. We will continue to work in conjunction with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department as they handle the incident due to it occurring in their jurisdiction. This was an isolated incident with minimal/close to non serious injuries. Once everything has come to light in this investigation we will gladly give out more details regarding this matter.”

You got to love their language. “minimal/close to non serious injuries. Do you those same boys in blue would use the same language had some people been shooting over in the woods and some rounds started peppering the police department?

Of course they will investigate themselves and fully vindicate themselves after determining they did nothing wrong.

For now, they have closed the fire range. While no serious injuries were reported the families involved say this has left them scared and are pushing for answers.

“We expect accountability. Good luck with that We expect someone to explain to us how this happened. I understand it wasn’t on purpose and let us know why and how this happened. We would also like a public apology from Edinburg Police Department,” said Reyes.

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Mendrano tells CBS 4 they are investigating the matter and will not reopen the range until it is concluded.

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