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1 thought on “The Good Old Days”

  1. We have stores like that in N.H.(am sure there are other states also)that sell gas/beer/ammunition/food(surprisingly good deli meats)basic fishing lures/line,you get the idea.Nice when out in rural areas and can still get what you need without long travels,try and always at least get a sandwich/fillup when around as want to keep em making money.The one I go to has a farmers porch with some chairs and when I see the old locals they give me shit about me long hair and I give straight back to em mentioning their is treatments for hair loss/erectile dysfunction ect.,all good fun but did when exchanging verbal taunts once got a horrified look from a tourist,after she went in the store we all burst out laughing!The youngest probably in his 70’s and they sit there smoking non filtered smokes and you know some days the coffee in their cups is “strong” and perhaps wonder how they lived so long.What you don’t see is they are probably up early taking care of critters and splitting some wood by hand before they even think of breakfast,good bunch of guys to shoot the shit with.


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