Virginia’s Dark 2020


If you come here often you know its very rare for us to talk about gun laws and politics relating to that. We recognize it is important but also that you can get that commentary in about 100 million other places. So we like to give you a few minutes a day on the toilet you can escape it and have some peace. Today is one of the rare exceptions to that general rule. For those of you who live in VA, your betters in the state gov have prefiled what they got in store for you for next year.

My advice is either to move or boog.

Here is senate bill no.16 that is the ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines, etc. as expected, there is no grandfather clause

You will also notice amongst the rest of the bills prefiled today that one of the things they are looking to ban is the carrying of weapons in Capitol square…so this would be the last lobby day where you can carry

It is every bit as bad as we had feared

Even a shotgun is a prohibited assault weapon if it has a pistol grip or has a tube that hold more than 7 rounds

I didn’t see any enumerated time period, so if it passes as is you have until July 1 to sell, move out of state, turn in, destroy, or otherwise render inoperable any prohibited items.

My guess is- they’re going to make one hell of an example out of the first groups of people they catch, then after that I predict subsequent people found in violation will be offered a plea deal for probation and a fine, at the cost of pleading guilty to a felony.

They win twice with that- no longer able to own guns and no longer able to vote.

If you notice, they’re allocating funds for increased incarceration due to these new laws as well, which kinda says they are NOT fucking around, and they WANT to send good people to prison.

Something those of with NFA items may want to consider – My guess is they’ll use the copies of Form 4s for suppressors and SBRs sent to VSP for the CLEO notification requirement, and they’ll have probable cause for a search warrant and go make visits to check for “compliance”. They don’t even need to get them from ATF, tho I’m sure ATF would happily give them to VSP.

As suppressor =/= threaded barrel, which according to this absolutely draconian law, is an instant Felony if it’s on a handgun with a detachable mag.


  1. The pattern for CT and NY has been not to enforce these laws in any kind of widespread way. That has worked very well for Team Blue so far: You block new gun owners, and maybe jam up a few folks who get pulled over at the wrong time. Give the law 50 or 100 years and they have whatever they want.

    If Virginia is going to start their own boogaloo? Well, I guess we’ll find out if all those “molon labe” stickers mean anything.

  2. My condolences and best wishes for a return to sanity.
    As a Californian I understand all too well what Virginians face and it sucks.


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