Story Time ( How to Get Faceshot)


Back in 2009-2010 I was shooting some of the The Tula Branded ammo. This is the steel cased .223 stuff they started selling under their own name. I was about 50 yards away from steel falling plates and gong targets when this happened.

A 55 grain bullet from the Tula came straight back and hit me in the face. Right on my left cheek bone. I knew I was in trouble immediately as you can imagine. Now yes, the targets were not cratered, they are the proper steel and all of that. but sometimes things happen. I think the lower velocity of the junk ammo did not move the targets enough to deflect nor cause the bullet to fragment.

I felt thae blood pouring down my face mixed with the pain but got a bandage on it quick. It was about 200 yards walk back to my home to be able to look in a mirror. Boy did I dread that. It felt like, and I was positive a big flap of skin was hanging down and I was in for some serious ER time. Luckily that wasn’t the case. Picking tiny bits of metal out of the wound was no fun though.

This wasn’t the first or even the tenth time I had taken a ricochet to my body or even my head. I shoot A LOT, and when you shoot a lot over decades,you sometimes have things happen. I have taken a AK slug to the ribs, a 00 buck round to my front chest, a .45 ACP round took off the top of my right ear, jacket from a 10mm round in the neck and scalp, a 5.45 round to the thigh a lead 32 to the chest and more than I can recall off the top of my head. These fired from me or some one else while at the range at a variety of targets. I know this seems like a lot and it is. But if you knew how much I shoot every year for 30 plus years, you would see that statistically it’s not so much. Or probably I am just really unlucky. Howard has been shot in a war, I get hit by ricochets and stray rounds by chance. No matter how careful we are these things can happen.

This is why you got to protect those eyes. Some bullet proof underwear seems like a good idea too.


  1. While I’ve been to classes where we shot steel with rifles at fifty yards, the steel target sellers often state a one hundred or one hundred fifty yard minimum depending upon the cartridge.

  2. I completely agree…
    You only have one set of eyes and once damaged repair isn’t easy if even possible.
    As for ricochet rounds..if you shoot steel enough it’s going to happen eventually.
    I think it’s a risk we all recognize.
    Glad the damage was relatively minor.

  3. I got hit in the shoulder by a ricochet from a burst of M-60 GPMG fire while working targets in the stop butts many years ago. Hurt like hell. Could’ve blinded me.

  4. I had a .45 acp go down about 25 yards, apparently hitting a rock in the berm and coming all the back and through a 6″ hole in the barricade to hit my pops in the chest while he was RO-ing me at a match. He got a nice little bruise and I got to tell everyone I shot my dad. Haha


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