Building the rifle Larue won’t sell you. Part 1


That is a bit of a click-bait title, but it is true.

Some time ago, Larue started selling a complete rifle. What was suppose to be the Optimized Sniper Rifle (OSR) got re-branded Optimized Battle Rifle (OBR) and Larue started selling this semi auto precision system. In 5.56 and 308 you could get this precision rifle with a precision heavy barrel and a chassis with built in cant for your optics.

Later, Larue made the PredatAR. Stupid name aside, it was a lightweight rifle with a lightweight barrel.

The PredatAR now had the accessory mounting rail all the way along the sides and bottom of the hand guard. The 20 MOA cant on the upper rail was eliminated and we got an awesome accurate light weight barrel.

IMHO, the PredatAR is an amazing rifle out of the box. I picked one up some years ago, and the upper lives on one of my Colt lowers:

But, as always, we the gun owners decided this was not good enough. We want something else.

The crowd clamored, “why can’t we get the PredatAR chassis with the OBR barrel?”

Eventually Mark Larue relented, and make 500 of them as a special limited run with Chris Costa.

For a premium, you could buy a Costa Edition 5.56. One of 500, numbered as such. These had a 14.5 inch barrel with a pinned Surefire muzzle break.

People clamored for more. Larue Tactical’s answer was the PredatOBR.

This is a take down rifle, with levers on each side of the hand guard and runs about $450 more than a PredatAR. Not quite the sleek and simple PredatAR.

Finally, Larue now offers the Ultimate Upper kit. You can get a chassis in MLOK or Keymod with the barrel of your choice. Choose the length and the caliber. A great deal.

I had an Ultimate Upper with a 16 inch barrel. The Ultimate Uppers are priced awesomely, and very slim and light.

In all reality, the new UU is a better option. It is cheap (compared to other quality options), you can configure it any number of ways, and it can be set up to use either common Keymod or MLOK accessories.

But I found I prefer the feel and handling of the PredatAR chassis. It may not be the coolest or most modular option out there, but it feels and handles great. If you haven’t handled a PredatAR, DON’T, you might end up wanting one.

For some time now, I have wanted a 16 inch Larue heavy barreled PredatAR. Similar to the Costa edition, but with out the unnecessary extra logo and cost.

Stand by for Part 2. That will explain what I do to get one.


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