NEW! White Oak TR Series M-LOK Handguard!



Our TR Series handguard is designed to address some key limitations that many handguards exhibit when used for a precision long range rifle build. Many things go into producing good long range accuracy, little items that you can overlook at shorter ranges get magnified at long range. Bullets, powder, primers, wind reading ability, and of course the rifle itself, all get pushed to the limit. One thing we have noticed is that many of the handguards currently on the market fall short in a few areas when used for a long range build.

As a service rifle competitor I have been shooting the AR-15 at ranges out to 600 and sometimes 1000 yards for many years. When I hand my competition service rifle to someone who is familiar with handling the typical AR-15 they notice immediately how heavy it is and how solid it feels. This solid feel is not by accident. In our sling supported position we put significant stress and pressure on the rifle to ensure a solid hold and rapid recovery from recoil. We rely on a strong steel barrel nut and heavy walled float tube to ensure that the barrel and handguard remain in alignment with one another in spite of the forces exerted on it by our position and the recoil of the rifle.  Even with our floated barrels we strive to keep these forces uniform from shot to shot as this can change how the rifle recoils and therefore where the shot lands on target. A rifle that flexes and moves with these forces is only going to magnify the issue.

This brings us to one of the first shortfalls of many float tubes on the market — an inadequate mounting system. As handguards get longer the short little barrel nuts do not provide adequate support to the handguard when tension is applied at the forward end of the handguard. This allows for misalignment of the handguard and tube resulting in the rifle recoiling differently from shot to shot depending on these forces. Additionally, as barrels get heavier, the reduced clearance between the handguard and barrel also frequently allows the barrel to make contact with the back side of accessories mounted to the handguard which also adversely affects accuracy.

To address this our TR Series handguards utilize a steel barrel nut with a full 2.5 inches of contact with the handguard. The inside of the handguard is bored to create a very precise fit between the handguard and barrel nut. These details ensure that the handguard stays aligned with the barrel in the most adverse conditions and the barrel maintains its clearance inside the handguard. The barrel nut also has no holes or splines that need to be aligned so you can torque the nut to your desired torque without having to worry about gas tube fit. (And yes, barrel nut torque is important to accuracy.)

Gas block clearance has also become more of a problem as barrels and gas blocks get bigger, and more and more shooters want an adjustable gas block. For some reason which I have never figured out, the industry seems to have standardized on 13” and 15” lengths for handguards. These handguard lengths require a gas block that will fit under the handguard on a rifle gas system even with the 13” tube. Our new TR Series handguards are furnished in 12.6” and 14.6” lengths. This results in the 12.6” handguard stopping just short of the gas block on a rifle gas system, and the 14.6″ tube just behind the gas block on the ever more popular +2” gas system. By stopping short of the gas block you have freedom in selecting a gas block without concerns of whether or not it will fit under your handguard. Of course if you wish to cover the gas block, our 12.6” tube will cover the gas block on a carbine or mid-length barrel, while the 14.6” can still be used on a rifle gas build if you wish to cover a low profile gas block and achieve the same look and function as a 15” handguard.

Though seemingly small, these deliberate design details are exactly the type of slight changes which cumulatively increase the performance and accuracy of your rifle.


Also available as an option on all White Oak Varmint, Predator, SPR and 3-Gun uppers  at no additional charge!

Put “TR” in the Comments box at checkout and we will build your upper with the new handguard and deduct the shipping cost before shipping your upper.

Introductory price and “TR” offer good through Veterans Day, November 11.  (Not valid on Service Rifle Uppers)


    • You know as much as we know. The S2-Shop section of the site is where we can share press releases and the like with out promoting or recommending it on our main page. There is lots of gun news out there we want to share, but don’t want to necessarily advocate or recommend.
      As far as I can tell, it is just friction. Looks like this is meant to be a low cost alternative to the Geissele rails.


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