Dream Guns


It’s not what you think. Over the years I have had a lot of conversations with gun people about this. You probably have had some for of this dream yourself. Some one is trying to get you or you are trying to save some one and you grab a gun. The gun won’t fire, trigger too heavy. bullets do nothing, etc etc. The one I had when I was younger was I would have an AR15 but for some reason was caught without a loaded mag. I would then before forced to put a few rounds into the mag and return fire desperately. Then quickly get a few more rounds in before I would have to fire up the 5-6 I managed to get loaded. It’s probably been 20 some years since I have had this dream. No idea what that was about. Obviously it must have been penis size.

A thread over at Brownells-15.com brought this topic up today. The boys talked about their version of the gun dream and a few “expurts” explained what it means.

Had one recently where the gun worked flawlessly but the bullets didn’t do shit.

Shooting a dude point blank in the chest and face with an ar15 and he just laughs at me.

Eta: also had one a couple weeks ago where it was a shtf eotw scenario and I had my go to rifle but for some reason all the ammo I had was 300blackout and all I could scavenge anywhere or found on bodies was 300 bo also.

That was scarier than gun or bullets not working. ”

Universal warrior nightmare. The unconscious mind is expressing performance anxiety. Ask any boxer, firefighter, soldier, etc. Something back there decides you might not be as ready as you think you are. Go out training. Cures it right up. ”

” Must be a Sig owner. ” I admit I chuckled

Same as it ever was. When I need a gun in my dreams, it’s usually a revolver with an IMPOSSIBLE DA pull. Can’t get the trigger all the way back to release the sear. Meanwhile, the grizzly or bad guy is just about to get me when I wake up.

Does this mean that I am impotent? “

Represents erectile dysfunction. “

I’ve programmed my subconscious that whenever I have a non functioning firearm dream, I instantly think, “Are you brave enough?” The downside is two days ago, I woke up with the alarm clock in my ass.”

What few I have don’t involve a revolver, just an autoloader. I get off one or two shots and then it jams.
FWIW, most of my shooting is with revolvers. “

” I have had the bullets leave the barrel slower than I could have thrown them. They just bounce off of people and fall to the ground. “

” I had a recurring dream for a while where everything was super realistic. Got attacked at what appeared to be a park by a bunch of people. Running and shooting through the woods trying to get away. Always started the same. The rest varied a bit. It quit completely when I quit talking to / dating someone I had become involved with. “ ( I don’t even want to touch that one…)



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