Solvent Trap…For Solvent


A few days ago Howard talked about “solvent traps”. This brought up the solvent traps without the “” part. The idea is barrel attachment that collects all the crap that falls out of the muzzle during cleaning.

I don’t know what brand this is sorry to say. It belonged to a friend who died a couple years ago and his wife gave me several things from his gun related items.

The trap attaches with a padded clamp that closes from spring tension. This lets it attach to a wide variety of barrel sizes. The end of the trap pops off to let you empty it.

It’s pretty nifty. It makes for easy clean up and keeps solvent spray from the brush leaving the muzzle from ruining everything around it and most of the odor of the chemicals. I would have nver bought on but now that I have one, I do recomend it.


  1. I’ve this exact same model. Got it when a local gun shop closed down and liquidated everything in stock about 15 years ago. If it hadn’t been so cheap I probably would never have gotten it but I use it constantly now. Stupid simple but great kit.
    The other thing I use for cleaning more than shooting is my tripod and saddle. Makes cleaning easy. And I could use it for its intended purpose too I guess!


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