USA Today explains how a “mandatory buyback” is confiscation.


“News” agency USAToday published an opinion piece that rightfully calls out how a mandatory gun buy back would be a confiscation. It points out how the government already isn’t able to get guns out the hands of people who can’t legally own them.

Even the anti-gunner that wrote this opinion piece knows that advocating a confiscation is foolish for countless reasons. He has more brains than Beto.

Note that for years now people have been trying to use certain words to frame a narrative.
“Assault Weapons”
“High Capacity Magazines”
“Buy back” We never bought them from the Government.
“Semi automatic assault guns”

It is all ridiculous.


  1. The fucking gummint over here in Australia “bought back” (ie unlawfully confiscated) some of my guns that they’d never sold to me in the first place. Arseholes. Please excuse my language, but this pisses me off mightily. It’s Orwellian language and utter BS.

    My response to the “buyback” was to go out and BUY MOAR GUNS. I used to own 3 rifles. Now I own 6 rifles, a carbine, two semi auto pistols and three revolvers. And I’m about to buy couple more 9mm pistols….a CZ and an STI.

    Don’t ‘ve fooled by this “buyback” white, and don’t ever tolerate it.


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