“Custom” M1941 Johnson Rifle on Gunbroker



If you have ever seen a M1941 Johnson Rifle and thought, “It just isn’t AR15 enough”, now is your chance to get the solution.

Eww, wood 🙁

This “custom” rifle has AR15 sights, and a “custom winter paint job” .

It appears to have a custom chassis with a tubular stock. Looks like they set it up to use an AR15 style safety, but in a different location, on the right side of the chassis above the trigger.

This rifle can be yours, at a starting bid of $4,999.00.

Make sure to post a reply in the comments if you end up buying it.

I’m curious how well it shoots.


  1. Wait, this gun is still kicking around? I’ve been seeing it here and there on the internet since about 2012 and I refuse to believe two identical specimens exist.

  2. Guys, the seller told me to Western Union the money to his brother in Nigeria and he’ll get the rifle to my FFL right away!!


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