KS-23 AKA TOZ-123 AKA BFG-1 Shotgun


Over the years when I get caught up with people in discussions about shotguns, I like to bring up the Russian KS-23.

The Russians, having some 23mm AA guns barrels laying around, decide to turn them into a pump action shotgun. Thus the KS-23 was born. Part of the idea of it was to also use it to launch exotic munitions. If it was ever used for that, I don’t know. It is about 6 and a quarter gauge.

What I do know is that the Russian have fielded some of them, and you can occasionally see pictures of their fine men carrying these implement of peace.

While I was telling some people about this shotgun today, I was doing an image search to show them these images, and I learned that a handful of these were imported some years back. Estimates range between 25-50. The imported ones had a longer smooth bore barrel and wood furniture. Named the TOZ-123, they were also called the BFG-1 by the importer. I don’t know what the original price was, but I saw one was sold for $1400 back in 2008. I heard of one selling for $2500 a couple of years ago.

An owner of one put together a video of him talking about it and disassembling it. They were marked 4 gauge, but are really a custom 6.27ish gauge.

Seems kinda silly to just have one of these. I mean, if you are going to have one, wouldn’t you want one for each hand?


  1. As these appear to be almost a knock-off of the Winchester pump … the Winchester had a peculiarity of being able to fire successive rounds by simply holding the trigger back while working the slide back and forth. Does this capability carry forward to the TOZ-123?

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