Best of ARFCOM: Homoerotic Keltec Ads


Keltec has run some weird ads. For example, that one ad of theirs that says that Keltec guns are for people who drink their own urine.

Over on, user eesmith thought that their newest ad wasn’t homoerotic enough, so he made his own version.

Original ad on the left, eesmith’s ad on the right.

I’m no expert, but in terms of marketing, visibility, attention getting, etc, I think eesmith’s ad is better. Maybe Keltec should hire them. link here:


  1. Is the guy in the top image one of the fellows from the Duel at the Dumpster a year or two ago? It seems early for him to be getting endorsement deals.

    But yeah, Kel Tec’s ads are bizarre. Why would you drink your urine if you’re in the snow?


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