A Fort Worth police officer shot and killed a woman inside her own home early Saturday while responding to a call, officials said. 

Well that escalated quickly

Officers responded to an “open structure” call around 2:25 a.m. near the 1200 block of East Allen Avenue, east of Interstate 35W, Fort Worth police said. 

Body-camera footage shows the officer standing outside the front door of the home before walking around the side of the house and opening a gate to the backyard. The officer was in the backyard when he turned toward the window and shouted. 

“Put your hands up. Show me your hands!” the officer yelled before firing once through the window, the bodycam footage shows. 

Officials said the officer shot through the window “perceiving a threat.” 

I guess she moved her facial muscle in a furtive manner while doing nothing but standing inside her own home. Doing nothing. Doing nothing even illegal.

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was killed in a bedroom, according to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office. 

Jefferson was black. Fort Worth police officials have not released the officer’s name but say he is white.  No idea why that matters..

The officer has been placed on administrative leave. He has been on the Fort Worth Police Department since April 2018, officials said. 

James Smith said he called the non-emergency police number to request a welfare check at his neighbor’s house. He said he saw the lights on and the front door open. 

Thanks for caring Jimmy.. She was in considerably better shape before the local peace officer came and protected and served the hell out of her.

Bodycam footage shows a screen door closed but the front door open at the house. The lights were on inside. The officer did not appear to knock and could not be heard announcing himself at the doorway. 


  1. It is not too much to ask that police not shoot peaceable people in their own homes. There have been too many cases of this sort of thing recently.

    Hopefully the Amber Guyger verdict will create some encouragement pour les autres, but I fear it will just cause the predictable closing of the ranks.

    Oh, and instead of just the individual officers getting hung out to dry on this stuff, it’s time for some liability, criminal, civil or professional, for the command hierarchy. Who hired this guy and put him out on the streets with a badge and a gun? Who told him the right thing to do was to prowl around in the back yard as opposed to knocking on the front door?

    Again, it’s not too much to ask the police hierarchy to communicate a message to their officers: “peaceable people in their own homes should not be shot by us.”

  2. Jesus Christ that’s awful. WTF were those idiots thinking, prowling around and whispering in the back yard when called to do a welfare check? She probably just forgot to do a perimeter check before going to bed and accidentally left the door open.

    How about knocking on the goddam door and saying “hello, police”?

    That poor woman. Murdered by those supposed to protect her. 🙁


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