Believe it or not, here at we occasionally make a mistake.

For example, that last post of mine, I made a critical mistake where I should have known better. See, I know that when I read something on, it is probably wrong. If it is posted by a moderator it is almost certainly wrong. But I posted an article about it anyways and well egg on my face.

Still, aside from the rare speling,or,grammatically error, I think we do pretty good. I mean, we have a better truth/falsehood ratio than TheTruthAboutGuns, and we weren’t pro-Obama like TheFirearmBlog.

We are going to make the occasional mistake. Make sure to call us out on it. Keep us honest. Keep us better than other those guys. And humble too, keep us humble. Ah nah, never mind on that last bit.


  1. Hey,mistakes happen,non of us are perfect(but I am pretty close!).You made a error/acknowledged it/we all try and learn from our errors and that is that.This in no way was a life threatening error ect. like on a job site/range ect.,seems done.

    I doubt the forum will have to worry about me catching errors.,I have me hands tied just trying to keep up with my own.


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