Once again we are reminded that these kind of mass casualty attacks only happen in the US.

'Workplace row' sparked deadly knife attack at Paris police HQ

Photo: AFP Investigators suspect a workplace row sparked the deadliest attack on police in France in years on Thursday. An employee at the Paris police HQ killed four officers with a ceramic knife before being shot dead.

I think we can all agree that police employees and knives need to be banned.

He attacked several people with a knife before being shot and killed by officers. Four people – all believed to be police officers – were killed in the attack.

Good think the attacker only used a knife. Think of how much more dead they would have been had he shot them.

The attacker was an employee at the police headquarters where he worked in the IT department.

Violent attacker, worked in IT. This person was radicalized by the nortious hacker known as 4chan.

Loïc Travers, Île-de-France secretary of the Alliance Police union, said the attacker was “an administrative colleague with 20 years service. He was a model employee who gave no cause for concern.”

He really lit up the room, He was the nicest guy you would ever meet and would never hurt a fly!” ” He was the last person you would ever think could do something like this”

Christophe Crépin, a spokesman for the police officers group Policiers en colère (police are angry) told French media that a workplace dispute with bosses is believed to have sparked the attack. Hey, I mean.. We can all relate Am I right?

Sources told AFP the man was shot by police in the courtyard of the building situated near Notre-Dame cathedral.

An emergency message was broadcast over loudspeakers at the court of justice next door, announcing “an attack” at the police headquarters and stating the area was “under surveillance”.

Citizens. Do not be alarmed this was not a Islamic terror attack. Do not engage in Islamophobia”

The building and some of the surrounding area was quickly sealed off, and nearby Metro station of Cité has been closed as a security precaution. 

“People were running everywhere, there was crying everywhere,” said Emery Siamandi, an interpreter who was in the building when the attack happened.

“I heard a shot, I gathered it was inside,” he told AFP. “Moments later, I saw police officers crying. They were in a panic.” Probably crying because they had to use a gun for the first time. Let’s be honest here.

Images from the scene showed police vans and armed officers set up at a cordon around the headquarters. 

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and President Emmanuel Macron are all at the scene.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo expressed her condolences saying “Paris weeps” for the friends and family of those killed.

On Wednesday tens of thousands of police marched through central Paris to deplore their working conditions, saying they are under intense pressure due to long shifts and overtime to cover the weekly ‘yellow vest’ protests that have been held in France for almost a year.
“Whaaaaaaaaa!! we have to protect people and their property!! What about our dental plan! You’d think they would join the yellow vesters. Not protest that the same people should pay more in taxes so they don’t suffer any.

Almost 50 officers have committed suicide in 2019 alone.

Would a surrender joke be poor taste?…


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